Internet Use and Safety (Self-paced) 1.0

In this module, participants will explore five topics related to using the Internet safely. Security, netiquette, risks, social media, and digital information are the main topics that participants explore. Through interactives, videos, and self-checks, participants will discover how the topics relate to the workplace as well as their personal use of the Internet. Participants complete an assessment at the end of the module.



Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Articulate Mobile App if viewing on a mobile device (This is a free app available for iOS® and Android™ operating systems.)

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Syllabus: See attached Course Outline PDF

Type: Self-paced

The HTML5 self-paced package is intended for users to move through the module content independently. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson that users must pass in order to begin to a new lesson. At the end of this module, a user must pass the final assessment in order to receive a certificate of completion. This package must be loaded on a server and a link to the story.html file must be provided for users to access this module.

Hours: 2-3

Funding for this project is provided by:
WHRO Education
The American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen Grant
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
The Hampton Roads Community Foundation

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