What Are The Skill Gaps?

The University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center, U.S. Department of Labor’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills; the Conference Board’s Partnership for 21st Century Skills; and The Society for Human Resource Management all identify the same core skills needed for career readiness. These 24 core skill sets can be grouped into three categories: foundational, technological and professional.

Foundational Skills

Applying and Understanding Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
Creativity, Innovation and Adaptability
Diversity Awareness
Employment Related Financial Literacy
Locating Information
Professional Ethics
Reading and Writing
Reading for Information
Speaking and Listening
Understanding Health, Wellness and Safety


Technological Skills

Computer Hardware Basics
Data and File Management
Internet Use and Safety
Technology Applications


Professional Skills

Job Acquisition and Advancement
Leadership and Resource Management
Lifelong Learning
Participating as a Team Member to Accomplish Goals
Positive Work Ethic
Reasoning, Problem-Solving,
and Decision-making
Research and Synthesis
Understanding the “Big Picture”