About Workplace Ready

Workplace Ready is an initiative by WHRO Public Media, a leader in educational technology for 53 years with proven experience developing purpose-built digital content for professional development, classroom instruction and blended learning. WRHO formed a panel of subject matter and industry experts to advise on and review the Workplace Ready modules and assure they are employer relevant. This 17-member panel includes leaders from some of Hampton Roads’ most prominent companies and organizations.

Every organization has its own way to conduct training. WHRO does not propose to redefine these existing methods, but instead offers the modules and learning materials in customizable pieces for full integration and blended learning.

The modules will be aligned with the assessment criteria used by ACT, NOTCI, CASAS, LRI, NWRC and CTECS, for workplace certifications widely employed across the Commonwealth and the country.


About WHRO Education

WHRO Education is best known for providing online training for the Virginia Department of Education and its owner school systems. It offers a broad range of free and fee-based online content and development services to meet the needs of school divisions, educational publishers and learning specialists, including textbook independent online courses, professional development, educational software, apps, instructional design and production services. WHRO Education’s leading edge instructional resources include the Hampton Roads Virtual Learning Center, eMediaVA, Virtual Virginia Advanced Placement School, on-demand digital media and Skills Online.


The Future of Workplace Ready – How You Can Help

Business leaders, educators, community leaders and policymakers must work together to ensure that young people have the opportunities they need to develop important workplace skills. We have raised over $300,000 through generous support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Hampton Roads Community Foundation to develop and launch the first 5 modules, but we have a way to go to develop the rest and ensure today’s workforce is ready to work. Our goal is to raise another $1.2 million in order to build and launch the remaining 19 modules.