Understanding Health, Wellness and Safety (Blended) 1.0

The Understanding Health, Wellness, and Safety module has been designed to teach users about their physical fitness, healthy habits, their mental wellness, and safety in the workplace. Throughout this module, you will view some retro-style videos that are applicable to modern day health, wellness, and safety concepts.

Understanding Health, Wellness, and Safety

Requirements: Moodle Learning Management System, Version 2.8.9+
Adobe Acrobat Reader, Articulate Mobile App if viewing on a mobile device (This is a free app available for iOS® and Android™ operating systems.)

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Syllabus: See attached Course Outline PDF

Type: Blended

The blended download file contains the module files and the Moodle™ course file. Once the course is set up in a Moodle™ learning management system (LMS), it is designed for an instructor to use with students in a blended or flipped learning environment. The instructor has the ability to use the LMS tools to release content, provide additional assignments or content, schedule the final assessment, and much more.

Funding for this project is provided by:
WHRO Education
The American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen Grant
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
The Hampton Roads Community Foundation

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Version 1.0
Created 2016-03-16
Last Changed 2016-04-07
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